Gill Kearney
Advanced Helix Method Mentor
 Hello, I’m Gill! The Intuitive Energy Alchemist and I’m on a Mission to help others to declutter their MINDS, their ENERGY FIELDS and their HOMES so they can free up their time, their energy and their space to do more of what they love!

After taking redundancy from a 20 year career as a senior HR Leader in the Public Sector, I found I was unable to really relax and switch off the mental chatter. I also found I was feeling stuck, un-energised and unmotivated and I couldn’t clearly see the next steps to take. As I was spending more time at home I also suddenly noticed how much clutter and mess we had all around us and it really started to annoy me!

At that point, I found Energy Kinesiology (or muscle testing) via a Group Coaching Programme with Louisa Havers. I loved it so much that when Louisa announced the Helix Method Certification Programme, I was in!

Using the Helix Method has been life changing and I’m so proud to have become the second ever Accredited Advanced Helix Method Mentor! The content of the programme is phenomenal. It surpassed my expectations and I loved that we were able to use proven methods straight out of the box in our business. And to add to its magic, I’ve found it’s so easy to blend the Helix Method with my work in the Akashic Records. Together they’re such a powerful combination!

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