Change Your Energetic Attraction Point

Change Your Energy, Change Your Life

You will walk away ready to break the cycle and raise your vibrational attraction point. 

You will learn:  

Day 1 – Your energetic point of attraction: How to identify what you are tolerating and what is holding you back. I will coach you on the 5 simple steps of The Energy Alignment Method ( EAM) that  I use with all my Clients so that you can raise your vibration and your energetic point of attraction.

Day 2 – Break The Cycle: Release the thoughts, emotions and beliefs that have held you back so that you are living authentically and feel amazing.

Day 3 – Feel Your Way to Success: We will align to your success and activate the Law of Momentum so that as your point of attraction changes your results manifest more quickly.

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What people say about Change Your Energy, Change Your Life…

“Louisa,don’t know if it is the alignment or also the moon and other things,but I feel incredibly calm and grounded after doing ur first unit.I am familiar with energy,work with energy , soul and personal development but have never come across such a simple and effective technique! Thank you.Thank you.And the universe for getting us together yesterday 💜”

“Wow, that was electric!.”

“I missed day two but after only session on day one things have changed considerably and there is no resistance from me to having success in every area of my life! Fantastic course, Louisa.”