Change Your Energetic Attraction Point

Change Your Energy, Change Your Life

You will walk away ready to break the cycle and raise your vibrational attraction point. 

You will learn:  

You are a conscious creator: Raise your vibrational attraction point so that you create more of what you want with ease and joy. 

You will learn:  

How to create long lasting change by changing your energetic point of attraction. I will teach you the technique I use with my clients.

How to create new neural pathways on demand so that its easier to take aligned action and work with the Universal Laws. 

How to release the thoughts, emotions and beliefs that have held you back so that you are living authentically and feel amazing and free.

How to consciously create the best version of yourself, so that you live your best life. 

Energy Alignment puts you on an accelerated path of uncovering your true self and purpose, taking you where your soul authentically wants to go. 

What people say about The Energetic Self Mastery Workshop…

“If you’re wondering whether to sign up for the Self Mastery Workshop – just do it! The information and techniques that Louisa shares are so useful for any aspect of life and Louisa herself is a highly skilled and intuitive coach that any of us would be blessed to have on our side. While I focused on financial energy and beliefs I’ve also been learning about my relationship with food. This is a journey I’ve been on for a few months now and Louisa has helped me to hear more clearly what my body is trying to tell me about my eating habits/beliefs so I can optimise my health. Highly recommended! Thank you Louisa ????♥️”

” Louisa, thank you so much for the 5 day challenge and all the time you invested in the live sessions you shared with so many of us. I managed to watch all your videos over the last two evenings, mostly yesterday evening, and made some useful notes.

Gosh, today at work I felt so different and was very surprised. Things that I normally struggle with seem to not be so hard and I was so much kinder to myself. Even managed to leave work on time rather than late which happens most evenings and got home at a reasonable time to cook a lovely meal that I love doing, just don’t make the time that often (i am guessing when my vibrations are low I am not going to have the energy or the mindset to do something nice for myself). I just wanted to let you know about this positive impact and if this has happened by me just reviewing and engaging with your 5 day challenge material imagine how much more impact your 6 month course will have. Just wanted to share my experience.” 

“Louisa,don’t know if it is the alignment or also the moon and other things,but I feel incredibly calm and grounded after doing ur first unit.I am familiar with energy,work with energy , soul and personal development but have never come across such a simple and effective technique! Thank you.Thank you.And the universe for getting us together yesterday ????”

“Wow, that was electric!.”

“I missed day two but after only session on day one things have changed considerably and there is no resistance from me to having success in every area of my life! Fantastic course, Louisa.”