I wanted to talk about Prosperity at this time of year, as to me Prosperity is about flourishing, thriving, feeling successful, and abundant financially. So celebrating prosperity at the time of our British Harvest Festival seems only apt. 

This time of year has been celebrated right back to pre-Christian times, it has always been seen as a very spiritual time to give thanks for the years crop. We are celebrating the end of the productive season right from the first harvest celebration to the last – St Michael’s Mass, on the 29thSeptember.  We also know this as Michaelmas. The beginnings of this tradition can be traced to the 5th century when the cult of St Michael spread to Western Christianity.  Then during the Middle Ages it was celebrated as a huge religious feast, and the harvest traditions grew from there.  I love this time of year, the air begins to smell different and you can feel the season changing.

As we celebrate our “harvest” I want you to focus on what your harvest for this year is for you. We each have different jobs, work, passions. In the work that you do, what have you harvested? What are you grateful for?

Take a moment to journal out what your harvest is to you and to celebrate the impact that this has made to your life.

Whether your harvest has bought you everything you need and desire or not ( yet)  it is time to be thankful for what has been harvested.

Energy flows where attention goes. So lets’ keep it focused on what we want more of.

My harvest gift to you, is an Abundance of money visualisation meditation, where we feel the energy of money all around us, and feel love, appreciation and joy for money. This is a visualization meditation that will plant more seeds of abundance in your subconscious mind, take care of these seeds and water them every day, and your harvest will grow.

Much love, Louisa