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Behind the Scenes Roundtable Conversations
with Louisa Havers

Above the Glass Ceiling - Breaking Through Upper Limits
The Energetics of Purpose

We brought together a panel of brilliant leaders who all have experienced the different seasons of business. We chatted about the key principles behind navigating business seasons successfully to live a life of purpose and impact.

This is a behind-the-scenes conversation with these world-class leaders in the online space.

Watch the Replay Below

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Our Roundtable 
 Louisa Havers is The Creator of The Helix Method®, Master Akashic Records Teacher and Consultant, and an award-winning Success and Business Adviser. She enables self-aware entrepreneurs to unlock their superpowers and “lift the ceiling” in both their lives and businesses. 
Your Step-by-Step Guide to Money Kinesiology for 6 and 7 figure CEOs

Samantha Selby is the creator of AstroEnergetics a unique system that combines the ancient art of astrology with modern-day psychology and vibrational energy healing. 
Energy Signature Cleansing and Activation Ritual
Yvette Taylor is one of the most sought-after transformational teachers. She’s known for being the Creator of  EAM – The Energy Alignment Method®, a powerful 5-step self-help process to shift energy, thoughts, beliefs & emotions so you can change your life.
Katie Young has been a passionate, Conscious Fashion Designer, Supplier & Upcycler for 30+ years. She has had four businesses, currently the founder of Bespoke Textiles for over 10 years, serving a niche of unique uniforms to bespoke collections and linens to clients from Bills to Buckingham Palace.
 Gina Gardiner is a multiple #1 International Best Selling author, Radical Change Catalyst speaker, Spiritual Mentor and Empowerment, and Transformational Leadership Trainer and Coach with 30+ years’ experience. 
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