Samantha Selby, Astrological Energy Healer

My Bio

Samantha Selby is the Astrological Energy Healer and channel for Star Goddess Activations. She is the creator of Ascension Astrology, a blending of modern science, psychology, transformational energy techniques with the ancient art that is Astrology.

Following the divine guidance that she receives, Sam mentors, teaches and guides women spiritual entrepreneurs that want to reveal, heal, activate and step into their feminine energy for more peace, joy, prosperity and stability in their lives.

Sam firmly believes, that knowing yourself at the deepest level is the key to living a happy and successful life

Sam has over 25 years’ experience supporting 1000’s of women to heal from trauma, limiting beliefs and patterns of self-sabotage.

Enabling them to live healthy, happy lives with an inner wealth and self-value that leads them to run successful businesses, enjoy loving, respectful relationships and experience the freedom to choose what they do with their valuable time and energy.

She has run her own successful School of Complementary Therapy and lectured students studying for degrees in Complementary Therapy.

And is one of only three Master Energy Alignment Mentors worldwide.

My Mission

My mission is to re-dress the balance of masculine and feminine energy so we can all move effortlessly and easily between the two. Meaning you are no longer stuck in the pushing through, aggressive constantly on the move masculine space. You are able to connect with and embrace the safety, security and receptive stillness of feminine energy.

My Highest Level Ideal Client & How I Help

My highest level clients are business owners who have a consistent sustainable income, but have been operating from their masculine energy. She has experienced past trauma and led a roller coaster of a life and has decided that she needs to do things differently, because her relationships and family life are suffering.

I help women spiritual entrepreneurs who want to reveal, heal and activate their feminine energy so they can have more peace, joy prosperity and stability in their lives.

My Areas of Mastery

Astrology and Energy Healing

Topics I Speak On

Past trauma


Healing generational energy patterns

Using the planets and the moon in your business to plan launches, create content and make sales

Your identity, knowing who you are, and the importance of this in your business and personal life

Partnership Opportunities and Collaborations. 

Business owners who appreciate the value of the inner work and energy

Success and mastery coaches

Money and abundance coaches

Women leaders and entrepreneurs who are here to serve other women

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