Marina J, Integrative Life Coach

My Bio and Mission.

Marina has coached in shadow work for 18 years; transforming painful dynamics in people’s lives so they become the powerful, outrageous light leaders they were born to be! She helps people rise with 1:1 coaching, masterclasses, releasing the Narc Template® from business, and her #1 best-selling book and podcast, both called – Turn Yourself On. Marina also specialises in Theta Healing®, metaphysics, and has taught Japanese yoga and meditation for 25 years. 

My job is to get as many light leaders at the top leading (where they belong) by releasing the Narc Template® from their businesses and personal lives; and we need the Global narcs on the bottom where they belong. We need leaders until we’re all leading ourselves. It’s a 20 year run I feel. We are the real leaders of this planet. It’s TIME .

My Highest Level Ideal Client & How I Help

My highest level clients are coaches, healers, light leaders, and business owners who want to make the impact they were born to make. I help the real light leaders of this planet release the Narcissistic Template® from their businesses so they do receive money, support, and success. So they are fully supported to fulfill their soul’s destiny.

My Areas of Mastery

18 years as an Integrative Life Coach.
Shadow Work, subconscious healing and reprogramming beliefs
Advanced DNA & Intuitive Anatomy ThetaHealing® Practitioner
25 years Japanese Yoga Teaching based on Chinese Medicine
18 years Angel Intuitive
16 years Advanced Angel Intuitive
Psychic gifts of Channeling, Clairsentience, Telepathy
Soul, ancestral, the collective consciousness and past life healing.

#1 Best-selling author of, Turn Yourself On.
Creator of the Turn Yourself On Podcast.
Creator of the Turn Yourself On System.
Creator of the Business Narcissistic Template® Method.

Topics I Speak On

Releasing the Narc Template® from your business

Narcissistic Abuse

Shadow Work

Emotional health and alchemy

Healing the relationship you have with yourself






The Goddess Template and the feminine power of receiving

Why as a woman you’ve been designed to receive twice as much as a man

Reciprocal relationships

Romantic relationships

Energetic and practical boundaries

Meditation Manifesting abundance

Partnership Opportunities and Collaborations.

Life coaches


Light leaders who are here to make impact and want me speaking to their audience as I’m a speaker and teacher at my core



Collaborating on exciting new projects is my bag!

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