Drained And Disconnected? You Are Not Alone!

Let’s talk about work-life balance.

My client Emma came to me swamped with the demands of work and motherhood, leaving her feeling completely muddled. She was drowning in a story of incompetence and a lack of self-assurance.

After years of focusing all of her attention on her children, Emma struggled to find time just for herself, and found it hard to even pinpoint her own interests. She felt paralysed to make financial decisions for her own business.

Sound familiar?

When Emma met me, she was intimidated to make the next move… she’d lost her confidence over the years. But with my help, she dove in head first, and eventually emerged a new woman.

With the Your Impassioned Life programme, Emma was able to reclaim a new narrative, and most importantly… she remembered the bold and adventurous young woman she once was.

The feisty woman who had an international business career… who took risks… who was in tune with her instincts. With my help, Emma realised she’d squashed the energy and drive that once came so naturally to her.

Today, Emma runs her own baby massage business, with zero financial fears and anxieties.

She’s learned how to trust her instincts, and invest them back in her business…

…AND THIS IS KEY… she now knows how to spot when somebody – or something – is sapping her energy.

Can you recognise when that’s happening in your life?

Where are you investing your energy?

Are you creating the results you want?

Do you even recognise yourself in the mirror?

The thing is… a life full of energy and time is totally possible.

Like Emma, you too can have it all. And it’s not as far off as it might feel. In the programme, you learn how to redirect your energy in the most efficient way… and into the most valuable places. The ones that bring you the most reward in life. And that’s different for everyone.

Are you craving to reconnect with the daring and energetic version of yourself that you once knew – before life took its course?

You get to…

…show up for what you actually love

…redistribute your time and effort in new, more fulfilling channels

…take the leap and launch your new career!

Emma stepped up and took control… now it’s your turn!

If you’re ready to leave burn out behind once and for all, book your breakthrough call with us today.

Much love,


P.S. Whether it’s high-strung anxiety, or complete exhaustion… your body is telling you it is time for a change. Book in your time slot to chat today, and tap into the new vivacious you!