Your Impassioned Life: A hybrid programme for those who want to have the courage, confidence and consciousness to live their best life, on their own terms, and make more money doing what they love.

Are you craving to:

Have the confidence to change your lifestyle so you can have the freedom to grow and reach your full potential.

To unleash your inner consciousness and effortlessly live your life free from stress.

Remove limiting beliefs, emotions and patterns that have been keeping you stuck within your current definition of success.

See life from a grander, more abundant perspective,  no matter what you are doing.

Find your purpose and passion in this life, so that you can start to live this in just a few months from now.

To get there you need to:

  • Create an abundant mindset and learn how to change your life using the Law of Attraction.
  • Remove emotions and thoughts that no longer serve you.
  • Align your mindset and desires with your actions.
  • Have clarity regarding what your life by design looks and feels like.

 No matter if…

You’ve already achieved a level of success and are scared of burnout.

You are a successful high performer craving more ease, grace & peace.

You know you want more but you sometimes sabotage your dreams- maybe you don’t believe they are possible?

The career that you worked so hard to succeed in is sucking the life out of your soul.

You’ve ticked all the boxes to have the successful life, but that quiet voice inside of you is getting louder.

You’ve done so much work but you are still unsure what is blocking you.

You find old relationships no longer serving you.

You desire to create financial freedom & want to create more quality moments with your loved ones.

You know what’s got you here won’t get you ‘there’

I understand your fears, and you are in the right place.

I’m Louisa Havers, a  Transformational Life Coach & Energy Alignment Mentor, who enjoyed tremendous success as a Senior Manager in the Public Sector.

I coach you on how to have the confidence, courage and consciousness to live the life you actually want.

You will suddenly see how to manage your energy and your thoughts and to take control of your life allowing you to experience life from a grander, more promising perspective.

My no-holds barred signature programme Your Impassioned Life will empower you to start living life on purpose and living life well.  I created, Your Impassioned Life, to lift you up to your full potential and connect you with your higher self.

During my career, in the public sector, which spanned over a decade, I pioneered business services across multiple agencies. I successfully led service redesigns leading to significant improvement in performance, which enhanced customer experience and increased the effectiveness of the company.

Eight years ago, the organization I worked for began having pay freezes, and my job was no longer financially viable. Along with this, and being out of the house for the majority of the day with my children growing up, my job responsibilities increasingly had less appeal.

I needed to get my finances right and create more time to be with my children and to socialize with friends. I was open minded to additional income streams and opened a premium health and wellness online franchise. Within a year, I had given myself the pay rise I needed and reduced my hours at work.

I had found my passion in the form of health and wellness and coaching franchise business owners.  In my customary fashion, I went about this new work with devotion, intense focus, and a careful attention to details.

I got certified in coaching, and did workplace coaching for my job, business coaching for my franchise business partners, and health coaching for my clients. The people I worked with got great results.

With inspiration, creativity, and a dose of daily high fives given my ongoing success,  I decided to find a way to help others from my heart, and so Trifolium – love your life, body, & soul was born.

I knew I wanted to develop my skill set to the best of my ability, so I could be in service to my clients.

I got to work.

Invested the money – over £36,000 to be exact!

Enrolled in 12 courses

Studied coaching, personal growth, energy alignment, pranic healing, attitudes, growth mindsets, money management, money mindset, marketing, social marketing, nutrition, business systems, and social media.

Developed a multi-year business plan and strategy.

Created my brand.

I teach you how to consciously and courageously turn your dreams into living the lifestyle that you desire.

Clients have told me that before we worked together they felt stuck, had a pressing urge to make a change and had no clue what their next steps should be.

My past and current clients have: 

Aligned their energy and mindset with their passion and purpose.

Transformed family relationships that have freed them up to be their authentic selves. 

Released their resistance to stepping outside of their comfort zone.

Removed the self sabotage and glass ceiling to expand their wealth consciousness. 

Creatively built an authentic business that allows them to move forward in their lives.

My signature programme, Your Impassioned Life is a hybrid programme for those who want to have the courage, confidence and consciousness to live their best life, with personal and professional freedom, and make more money doing what they love.

It’s a coaching package in a league of its own. I teach you how to have the confidence, courage and consciousness to live the life you actually want no matter what direction you have chosen to go in.  To find your passion and purpose so that you can reach your full potential, whether that is to branch out and leave your job to become an entrepreneur or to transition to a new career.

Why a hybrid programme? It includes 1:1 coaching, group coaching calls, full email support, bonus videos with niche coaches, and full video and workbook modules all in one.

This programme is for you if:

  • You are considering a new direction in your life and don’t know what you want it to look like.
  • You are juggling the demands of family life and work with never quite having the freedom to live life well.
  • You’ve ticked all the boxes to have the successful life, but that quiet voice inside of you is getting louder.
  • You want to feel like yourself again.
  • You are ready to stop pretending you’ve got unlimited time to be uncertain.
  • You’ve done so much work but you are still unsure what is blocking you.
  • You find old relationships no longer serving you.
  • You desire to create financial freedom & want to create more quality moments with your loved ones.
  • You want more travel, experience and adventure.
  • You are ready to reach your full potential.
  • You know what got you here won’t get you ‘there’.


Confidence in your ability to create an abundant lifestyle doing what you love.

The strength to step outside your comfort zone and shine bright.

Unleashed your  inner consciousness and effortlessly live your life free from stress.

The freedom you crave in your personal and professional life.

The money mindset and courage it takes to be successful.

Complete clarity on your vision and game plan.

You’ll have access to my proven strategies to be happier, create an abundant mindset and change your life using the law of attraction. People like us—high achievers -do well with strategies, techniques,  our own inner circle community and guidance.

I have your back. During this programme, I am committed to you living an extraordinary life. I am fully invested  in you and your passion and purpose.

This programme gives you the courage, confidence and consciousness to turn your potential into your reality and finally live the life your inner voice is calling you to live. Together, we will:

  • Remove limiting beliefs, emotions and patterns that have been keeping you stuck within your current definition of success.
  • Align your energy and mindset to your passion and purpose so that you can effortlessly  live the life that you want.
  • Set you up for you’re an abundant life with a millionaire mindset and daily success habits so you can secure the future for yourself and those you care about.

Your Impassioned Life isn’t just your typical coaching programme. I show you how to be happier, create an abundant mindset and change your life using your energy and the law of attraction.

Be Inspired by Lisa’s Story

Before I started working with Louisa and joined Your Impassioned Life, I was finding that life was generally difficult, we were facing financial difficulties as my husband was out of work, and I could not see a future. I had low self- esteem and no self- respect.

I saw the 4 month Your Impassioned Life programme post on Facebook and booked a breakthrough call. My low self-worth made me question if I could do the programme, but this doubt disappeared when I spoke to Louisa. There was an instance connection with Louisa. It was an open and safe environment in which I could be honest with my worries. I felt supported and loved by Louisa and the other clients. The shifts in my life were many. Relationships improved, I started to love myself, I began to see money was just an energy like everything else. Initially I struggled at the beginning of the course with the group calls, but I soon began to see the value in sharing with others, and I felt connected with the other people on the course. The greatest benefits from completing the programme have been self-love, improved relationships within my family and the workplace, and I have even lost weight!

As a Coach and Mentor Louisa is amazing. She is very knowledgeable about EAM, she has a lovely energy. She recognises when clients need extra time and support and ensures that the calls are organised in a way to allow this to be given.

Lisa Thomas, Clinical Nurse Specialist in Stoma Care

Be Inspired by Renee’s Story

Be Inspired by Linda’s Story

The Steps!

I know that each person I work with arrives with their own unique story and background. I’ll meet you where you are and take the time to get to know you so we can create a tailor-made experience just for you.

Together, we will cover:

Month One-  We will set the foundation for your paradigm shift. We will release any resistance and expand your vision to work with the Universal Laws.

Month Two-  We will  release the energy, thoughts and patterns that have not been serving you in all  areas of your life. We will align to new energy, thoughts and beliefs so you have the abundant mindset to attract what you want in life.

Month Three- We set you up for success, so that you can master your money mindset and grow with grace. We will raise your wealth consciousness in preparation for living your purpose with passion and profits.

Month Four- We pull this altogether, we define and align to your passion and purpose, and your legacy to this world.

Our 4 Month Agenda

Welcome & Orientation

As soon as you enrol in the programme, you will receive an Welcome & Orientation Module to assist you to make the most out of the programme and how to best prepare for the 4 months ahead.

● How to use the Energy Alignment Method – EAM ® to work through fear and self-doubt and build your wealth consciousness to build a premium business & lifestyle.
● Time management strategies successful leaders and entrepreneurs have in place and how to organize your schedule so you stay laser focused on your path ahead.

Month 1:

Expand your vision to reach your full potential. Align to your vision and start working with the Law of Attraction for your personal and professional freedom.

What you will be working on:

  • Expand your Vision to reach your full potential, so that you build your business around your lifestyle so that you not only have a thriving business, but the free and abundant life that goes along with it.
  •  Find out what has been holding you back, heal energy, thoughts and patterns that no longer serve you.
  • Set the foundations for a paradigm shift for an abundance & success mindset, working with the Law of Attraction & Universal Laws.

Month 2:

We release the energy, thoughts and patterns not serving you and align to a new abundance and success mindset to attract what you want in your life.

What you will be working on:

  • Identify and create the paradigm shifts in all areas of your life.
  • Your emotional wellbeing and how this is impacting your body and working with the Law of Attraction.
  • How to nurture and support your body working with the Law of Attraction.
  • Clear out the clutter energetically around you, and align to your new sacred space.

Month 3:

Master your money mindset and raise your wealth consciousness for your personal and professional freedom.

What you will be working on: 

  • Your relationship with yourself and how it directly impacts your relationship with others.
  • Clear your relationship paradigms so that you attract the love you want in your life.
  •  Master your money mindset and implement wealth consciousness strategies.
  • Raising your vibration with your lifestyle.

Month 4:

Define and align to your purpose and passion. Create your success plan for your legacy so that you grow with grace and live and love your Impassioned Life.

What you will be working on:

  •  Define and align your purpose and passion.
  • Release any resistance and align to your paradigm for your success.
  • Create and align to your visibility strategy with your collaborations, connections and community.
  • Create your success plan for your purpose & legacy. Your Impassioned Life.

Be Inspired by Emma’s Story

What’s in it for you?

As soon as you enroll in Your Impassioned Life, you’re going to be immersed in a community of like-minded leaders and entrepreneurs with one common goal: To make a big difference with their skills and create the business and life of freedom and abundance.

It’s time to commit to Your Impassioned Life and get: 

Amazing Insights and a brand new experience of life when you step up, and do the work to reach your full potential, transform your energy & mindset,  relationships & lifestyle to live your passion filled purpose.

16 Weekly training videos with Louisa Havers. The training videos give you step by step instruction on the exact methods you can use to create your abundant mindset and change your life using the Law of Attraction.

16 Unique Workbooks Receive 16 weekly Workbooks to go along with your video training modules to give you the step by step instructions. We’ll cover working with the universal laws, your energy & mindset, the mind, body and soul connection with healthy living, relationships that serve you, self management, your passion and purpose – and more- no matter how you learn- I’ve got you covered every step of the way!

Lifetime Access to all the course content and any complimentary course updates in our exclusive membership site.

Weekly Group  Coaching Calls  ( 90 minutes) with your group of people on the same journey as you. Inspiring each other on the way. I am with you every step of the way, so you are never left in the dark wondering what to do next.

Full Email Access to Louisa for 4 months. Submit your questions directly for personalized help.

Facebook (Group) Your Impassioned Life VIP Inner Circle– Access to an intimate Facebook Group where I’ll be interacting with you throughout the course! You’ll find support, celebration, and feedback from others as well.

Did someone say bonuses?  I go above and beyond for my clients so during our four months together you’ll get individualised support to living life well.

I also include:

8 Bonus training calls with Louisa and her team of collaborators including: Styling, Mindset, Productivity,  Interview Skills, Network Marketing, Business Mastery, Meta – Health, Intimacy & Connection. ( Value Priceless: Minimum: £2,384)

Wealth Consciousness Reading Assignment with 3 eBooks (Value: £198)

And more…

Put that all together and what do you get? 

The go-to course for purpose driven entrepreneurs and leaders who are ready to create an abundant mindset, accelerate success and change their life using the Law of Attraction.

Apply Now

Your Impassioned Life is for those of you who are 100% committed to your own success and following your passions to live your purpose and leave your legacy.

Because of that, Your Impassioned Life is by application only.

Click below to book your private Breakthrough Call with Louisa’s Coaching Team.

Be Inspired by Alison’s Story

Prior to working with Louisa, I’d been struggling with money blocks. I had certain beliefs around wealth which I knew came from childhood and were affecting my ability to create abundance in my life.  After talking to Louisa about energy and how our beliefs from past experience affect our lives, I had a brief taster session of finding out what my blocks are and removing them. It was amazing! I wanted to know more after that. During the sessions, I was able to tap into just what was blocking me subconsciously and even be guided into working out when these blocks started forming. We then had a fascinating and emotional time clearing them.  The immediate benefit was that I was able to have clarity on what was stopping me move forward. I now know what to look out for in my life if I feel blocked in the same area. I have tools to work through any other negative beliefs and clear them. I can also now use these same tools to test what I want to design in my life.

I’d absolutely recommend the sessions. We all have self limiting beliefs but we often don’t really know what they are or how to change them. I’ve read lots of books about this but never had anything so practical to make a difference. Louisa, you are like a personal cheerleader throughout the process with your positivity and enthusiasm! Thank you!

Alison Arden, Acupuncturist

In my 30’s I felt like I was just going through the motions of  my life.  I  had fallen into my career,  I was working  really hard, doing all the right things, and I was very successful. But I was exhausted and my job didn’t light me up inside.  I had this inner desire to do something different, I wanted to have more time to spend with my family and to be present with them. I wanted to be able to travel more, experience more and live more now. I knew I wanted my own business, and I took the time to find my passion and purpose, I invested in developing my skills and took the ‘scary’ leap into entrepreneurship. I made sure I was fully supported with a Coach and a Mentor who had done what I wanted to do, and I set to work on my energy, mindset and vision.

When I first stepped out into the world of entrepreneurship I felt  challenged and inspired. I’m passionate about sharing how our energy and mindset affect our experience of life, and how we can work with the law of attraction. I realised for the first time that I could make a greater difference in this life. I now feel fully alive, and aligned with my life’s purpose.

I am so grateful to my clients for believing in themselves and for believing in me to guide and mentor them. Together we are creating an abundance ripple effect and transforming lives.  It is my privilege to be part of their life journey. Louisa Havers

  • You are certainly ready for an Impassioned Life if…

  • You’ve had enough and are ready to take control and do whatever it takes to make these changes.

    You’re a go-getter who likes to take action.

    You are ready to invest time, money and resources into yourself.

    You are ready to put in the effort to become the best version of yourself and to continue growing. This is the best gift you can give yourself and your family and friends.

    You are ready to raise your vibration and align yourself to your passion & purpose.

    You know the value of guided coaching.

    You are open to finding new ways of doing things.

    You know you can’t make big changes by piecing it together yourself.

  • Admit you are not ready for Your Impassioned Life….
  • If you think nothing ever works for you.

    If you secretly think you can do it alone, as to me this means you are not open minded or coachable and are not ready to invest time and resources into yourself.

    You think you can stay the same person, by that I mean same thinking and energy patterns, and get different results.

 Your Investment in “Your Impassioned Life”

I understand that everyone has unique needs. We all have responsibilities, so I’ve created a payment plan option.

I’ve spent  over £36,000 in programmes and courses to get where I am. I consider it my Masters of Me.  I bring everything I have learnt into my coaching and mentoring  so that you don’t have to invest that time or money.…We can get you on track quickly, or you can keep trying to DIY till you figure it out yourself – it’s up to you!

I’m only one woman, and I believe in giving myself fully.  Spots will fill up quickly, and I can’t guarantee how long it will be until there’s room in my programme for more clients.

If you’re serious about living life well, then the time is now.

Still want to learn more or simply get to know me better? No problem! Trust your intuition and schedule a complimentary Breakthrough Call via my scheduler on the Book a Call page.

I am selective about who I work with. You have to be coachable, open minded, resourceful, an action taker, and be willing to work on yourself. I only have capacity for a limited number of spots each month, so go ahead and claim yours before someone who wants it more grabs it first!

Be Inspired by Ruth’s Story

I was at a point in my life where I hated my job and I needed to identify my passion and purpose  and to create a plan to retire, and I wanted to practice more self love. So I decided to invest in myself and do the programme.

My life has done a complete 360 turnaround, . It’s been amazing, I have learnt new practices which I have built into my life. I feel part of a whole new supportive community ( of friends and likeminded people), and I love my job now and life. I know I need to be by the sea and I am taking actions to get there. It also highlighted other stuff which came up and I dealt with these.

The biggest benefits for me have been learning EAM, meditation practices, positive affirmations which I practice daily and realising I’m worth it. Investing in me has been positive for not just me but my family and friends. I loved supporting others in the group and finding out I am a light worker. I have changed and opened up to the Universe. The list just goes on… Louisa has an awesome energy around her which puts you at ease immediately. Louisa has a way which enables you to feel safe and secure to open up about your issues and work through these throughout the programme. I felt extremely lucky to have discovered her and she has become a true friend for life. 

To anyone thinking of doing the programme, just do it you honestly won’t regret it. Your life will be improved and your outlook will change to a more positive and loving persona. 

Ruth Dollen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) :

 I’ve never hired a coach before?  How will it benefit me?

If you’re honest you’ll admit that what you aren’t where you want to be, and quite frankly you have no idea how to do get there! You need a coach who’s done this all before.  Even Oprah has a coach, and she’s said that every wildly successful person she knows got to their level because they had someone to show them the way! Think about fortune 500 CEO’s or top athletes performing at elite levels. They have coaches and they’ll admit that’s the basis of their success. Coaches motivate them, steer them, and support them when times get tough. I’ve gotten exponential returns on every investment I’ve ever made with a coach. The investment always comes first then the return. That’s why it’s called a return on investment.

There are many coaches out there. What makes your practice different?

I give you everything I’ve got. When you work with me, I am fully committed to you having an extraordinary life.

When you invest in this course you’ll have the tools and skills to keep growing and expanding your life.  I’ve taken so many courses and I’m giving you all I’ve got, and I will continue to do so, with life time access to complimentary upgrades to the course content.

I am interested in living an impassioned life, but I don’t have much time to invest?  What is the time commitment?

You want to succeed so that means at first you’re going to have to put in the time! Each week you need to set aside at least 90 minutes for our call and to watch the live web training recording, then set aside time to absorb the information and to do the exercises. To truly change your life you’ve got to invest your time and energy in your life and do the exercises I assign between each coaching call.

We break it down, into manageable amounts, and the small changes you make add up incrementally to the transformation.

Are there any “hidden” costs?


I am on a stringent budget, and I’m not sure investing in a coach is right for me?

If you are ready to say yes to yourself and your current manifestation of time or money is in the way, let’s help you make a choice.

I believe that the best investment you ever make is in yourself and that it actually will cost you more in the long run if you don’t invest in yourself to make the energetic and mindset changes to reach your full potential.

 I have created  three options to enable you to say YES to yourself.

a) One upfront payment. I accept BACS transfer and all credit and debit cards. Buy now and pay in full, or make an initial payment and close the balance within 30 days.

b) I have a payment plan for those managing a tight budget. An initial payment is made in advance of the course starting, followed with 3 monthly payments.

c) Or if you prefer.  I work closely with a company who can raise funding for you to pay for your course, if you would like to find out more to see if this is an option for you, please contact Claudia Grant at Rapid Business Finance. They can see if a personal loan or a business loan is suitable for you. t: 020 3128 7080 e: w:  

You may like to know how some of my clients have made it happen for themselves. Some have chosen to put the payment on a 0% credit card. I know Paypal offer a 4 month 0% interest option in the UK, and 6 month 0% interest option in USA. These may be options you choose to explore also.

Experian,  the credit check agency, have a tool where you can input your details and find out which resources are open to you without a formal application. 

If you are feeling resistance about time or money then release the resistance first using the Energy Alignment Method. After you have cleared the resistance then ask your Sway. ” Is this the right next step for me?”   If you want reminding of how to do the method, then I have set out an introduction here.

If the answer is no, check you have no resistance ( i.e. there is no old pattern holding you back). Then if it is still a no then that’s the right next step for you. It will be the right time when you are ready. If your sway says YES-let’s talk even if you don’t yet know how to make it happen.

 I’m ready to get started how do I pay?

 Easy! I use Stripe to process debit and credit card payments.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”
― Marianne WilliamsonA Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of “A Course in Miracles”

Results and Customer Testimonials

Of course, it’s important to add a disclaimer to say your results using this programme may vary and are not guaranteed. Your results will be based on many variables, such as your level of effort, business acumen, personal qualities, knowledge, skills, and a host of other factors. Since these factors differ for each individual, we cannot guarantee your success, results, or income level, nor are we responsible for your success or failure.