The purpose of our sessions is to provide coaching and mentoring, and assistance in transforming physiological, psychological and energetic changes using The Energy Alignment Method- EAM ®, and may include Pranic Healing.

1-1 Sessions will be tailored to meet your needs.

This service includes but is not limited to: brainstorming techniques, releasing of energy, identifying thoughts, beliefs, emotions. It may involve the sharing of information, creating plans, educating the client as well as asking and answering questions.

The role of coach is unique in terms of support.  A coaching relationship is confidential.  My role is to listen in a way that ignites thinking at a deeper level than we are normally able to find time for.  My attention and interest in the issue can help you develop new insights and see new pathways that you had not thought of before – and this can lead to new ideas about what to do.

To make any changes in your life you need to have the right mental and emotional space. The success of anything in your life hinges on it. No matter what is happening in your life, when you change your energy, thoughts, and emotions first, everything is possible.

I will encourage you to stay committed to the coaching process, by attending sessions, describing problems as they are, raising your concerns, reflecting on your impact on the situation and keeping agreements to action that you make during sessions.

I believe that the greater the trust that can develop between a coach and coachee ( client), the more effective coaching is in helping you to achieve your goals.

Prior to any working relationship we will create a coaching agreement. This will include the following:

I ( Coach) agree to:

  • Establish an environment of trust, including active and non-judgmental listening.
  • Help you to identify goals and create actions towards achieving these goals.
  • Arrange the agreed coaching sessions as per the programme purchase.
  • Provide 24 hours’ notice to you if I’m unable to attend a session.
  • Provide objective, constructive feedback throughout the process.
  • I am there to provide professional and personal development coaching. This does not include counselling, psychotherapy or any mental health services. If I feel the content is going beyond my remit, I will discuss alternative options with you and consider termination of the coaching relationship.
  • As a coach I work in line with the Association of Coaching Ethics. For more information the ethics can be found here.

You ( Client) agree to:

  • Establish an effective coaching environment, by being open-minded and honest throughout the process.
  • Provide 24 hours’ notice to the coach, if unable to attend a session.
  • Commit to, and take responsibility for, carrying out actions set during sessions.
  • Communicate to the coach if at any time they feel the coaching relationship is not working effectively.

The drop down menu provides you with information on the different ways you can work with me. Please do contact me for my availability as I can only work with a certain amount of clients at a time. This is to ensure that I give you my absolute best.

I hand select my clients, so your first step is to have an initial breakthrough call with me and we can see if working together is a fit for both of us, and if it’s not that is absolutely fine too.

“There have been so many benefits to me doing the programme, I am proud of myself for taking the time and putting in the work. I have become unstuck from my rut! I’ve smashed down the negative voices and I listen to all things positive and gravitate towards the sorts of relationships which are fun and supportive.  The course encourages you to surround yourself and network with other people who are supportive and I have enjoyed making time to organise quick meet ups/reunions in fun locations.  All this good stuff helps you to bounce out of bed and seize your day – I have learned that it is all about the Energy!

I now have the strength to step outside of my comfort zone, I am certainly feeling the fear but doing it anyway!  I know I am a work in progress as I learn how to work and understand the universal laws better, and I love that I have ‘life time’ access to the programme to help me continue to learn and grow. I am really interested in the Universal Laws, it makes a lot of sense to me, even though it surprises me so much. Initially I was sceptical, but I realised that this didn’t conflict with my Christian beliefs, and I felt the freedom was good to explore, enabling my body and mind to become well.

I am creating my personal and professional freedom, it is a journey. I recently recognised how different a person I was since I gave birth to my third child 7 years ago, and each stage of your life is to be celebrated. I am looking at things differently now. I recognise you do become a different person and that is o.k, and you need to step away from different parts of your life that sap you of energy. Be open to new conversations, new things that you are reading, new friends and relationships that become a part of your journey.

I have less fear about the flow of money. I trust my instincts about how best to invest it in my new business. So I’m feeling less paralysed about making financial decisions.

Louisa is a phenomenal coach and mentor. She has all the qualities that I need to get me to the place to where I am heading for. Firstly, I always appreciated Louisa’s sense of humour and the very human, easy-going, calm nature that she has. I first met Louisa some years ago now, and over the years have seen the many leaps in learning that she has made in herself and I’ve seen the transformation in her.”

Emma Dunford, Mid Sussex Baby Massage.

I was at a point in my life where I hated my job and I needed to identify my passion and purpose  and to create a plan to retire, and I wanted to practice more self love. So I decided to invest in myself and do the programme. My life has done a complete 360 turnaround, . It’s been amazing, I have learnt new practices which I have built into my life. I feel part of a whole new supportive community ( of friends and likeminded people), and I love my job now and life. I know I need to be by the sea and I am taking actions to get there. It also highlighted other stuff which came up and I dealt with these. The biggest benefits for me have been learning EAM, meditation practices, positive affirmations which I practice daily and realising I’m worth it. Investing in me has been positive for not just me but my family and friends. I loved supporting others in the group and finding out I am a light worker. I have changed and opened up to the universe The list just goes on ….6Louisa has an awesome energy around which puts you at ease immediately. Louisa has a way which enables you to feel safe and secure to open up about your issues and work through these throughout the programme I felt extremely lucky to have discovered her and she has become a true friend for life. To anyone thinking of doing the programme, just do it you honestly won’t regret it. Your life will be improved and your outlook will change to a more positive and loving persona.

Ruth Dollen.