From no sales for 6 months to 3 in the first 6 weeks of the Wealth Portal.

After viewing a Masterclass with Louisa Havers I had no hesitation in ‘jumping in’ to The Wealth Portal and I am really glad that I did.
Louisa is very genuine and generous with her insights and wisdom and her Akashic activations are beautiful and enlightening, filled with love and light.

A short reel highlighting clients sharing their experiences in The Wealth Portal.

Testimonials for The Wealth Portal.

How would it feel to start up your business and have payments stacked in advance for your bills?
Let Stef Skupin tell you!

Stef has a veterinary medical background and helps health care professionals and healers manage their stress in their career.

Have you had £10k per month drop in out of the blue?
Gillian Viljoen has.

“I decided to join whatever Louisa offered after my experience with her in the free alignment group back in November 2020.
I love her calm, gentle, caring energy.

Have you ever tripled your income?
Tina Hull has. 

Tina loves being able to work online anywhere in the world.
And to her surprise… her business was growing from the 5-day Aligned to Wealth Masterclass, so she joined The Wealth Portal.