Do love living a life full of adventures?
Siv Harstad does. 

Siv is a speaker, works with leaders, and leads extreme expeditions and trained as Akashic Records Consultant and found it was an amazing journey, and found this modality to be the most powerful she had ever tried. 

Gill discovered that she was able to shift things more quickly with the Akashic Records, and loved how her intuitive gifts developed, and the love and friendship from the community members.  

She is now able to offer this additional service to her clients too.

Are you on a spiritual journey?

Michelle Fernades is.

Michelle studied the Akashic Records and it completely changed the way that she looks at herself.

Mandy had spent most of her life feeling disconnected and found a deeper connection spiritually through the Akashic Records.

And now, her growth continues as she is stepping into teaching others to become Akashic Record Consultants. Resulting in more impact and joy within her business.

Do you trust yourself to follow your path?
Bonnie Marshall does.

Bonnie is a gifted Theta Healer and always thought she would teach this. She was blown away when through her work in the Akashic Records, she was gifted a new healing modality.

Show reel for The Akashic Records Training.

Testimonials for The Akashic Records Training. Follow your soul, it knows the way.