Akashic Records Consultation

The Akashic Records contain the wisdom, guidance, and spiritual support we need in this lifetime—and all lifetimes.

They are an energetic archive of all souls throughout time, including all past, present, and future possibilities.

When you access the Akashic library you open yourself up to the universe’s divine wisdom and guidance.

Everyone is different in terms of their experience of accessing The Akashic Records. Many encounter guides, angels, and other light beings. Some people report experiences of channelling, while others experience The Akashic Records through dreams. Some envision The Akashic Records as an online spiritual google, a library of information, they exist on a soul level of consciousness, a higher dimension referred to as the Akasha.

The Akashic Record reveals more than just events or even memories. It is a manifestation of all deeds, words, thoughts, feelings, and intentions. Records are not two-dimensional—they exist on a soul consciousness level influence every aspect of our daily lives.
  • Are you seeking clarity on the direction of your business and wondering if you are in alignment with your intentions?
  • Are you unsure what your souls’ purpose is and what your divine gifts and talents are?
  • Are you ready to free yourself from limiting patterns and blockages, creating greater understanding and connection to your soul’s growth by creating miracles in your life?

Then this is for you.

Your Akashic Records is the deepest profound tool kit for you in becoming a conscious co-creator by creating the results that your heart and soul desires in alignment with your souls’ purpose.

What are the benefits?

  • Connect with your Guides, Ascended Masters, Teachers, and Record Keepers
  • Discover your Soul’s purpose, and your gifts and talents
  • Co-create and manifest your highest level relationships, business and wealth
  • Heal at the deepest level of your core being in all dimensions, planes, and times
  • Connect to your highest level of intuition and wisdom
  • Receive understanding and insight to courageously make quantum leaps in your life

Book Your 1-1 Session to Create a Quantum Leap in Your Life & Business today!

Please note all sessions are held online on zoom. 

Deep Dive Business Forecasting Session ( 90 Minutes) 

As a soul-purpose business owner, you have a calling to serve – but sometimes it can be challenging to know where to focus…or even when to shift.

Having clarity in your decision making means you know exactly:

  • When to hire,
  • When to launch your next offer (and how to price it),
  • When and where to host events,
  • Who to collaborate with,
  • When to call in a cash injection,
  • How to make more sales (with absolute ease),
  • What to title your book (or when to publish it),
  • and so much more.

Join me for a laser-focused, 1:1  session and allow the Akashic Records to guide your next 12 months.

These sessions produce massive clarity, and have been known to kickstart massive manifestation and abundance for my clients.

Your 90-minute Forecasting Session Includes:

90 minutes 1:1 with me as your guide- solely focused on your business, and the decisions you need to make.

Divine guidance from the Akashic Records.

Unexpected insights and miracles.

This 90 minute 1:1 session is full of sacred guidance for your 12 months ahead.

If you are ready to make the next 12 months your most powerful yet by aligning yourself to the energies for your own success, then it’s time to take aligned action and step into this next powerful decision you’ll be making for yourself.

Soul Reading (90 Minutes)

All of us have a soul and our soul has a blueprint. It has a road map or a book of information for our existence on this planet and it tells us things like what we’re here to do, what we’re here to learn, what we’re here to master, who we’re here to meet and I access that information for other people so they can be plugged into that information if they’re not able to tap into it themselves.

This 90 minute 1:1 session will give you clarity on your purpose and how to work with those energies to create a really juicy life, how to heal from past energies, physical ailments etc, physical, mental and emotional challenges, and how to co-create what we do want – programme body and mind to hold certain frequencies and programme out the intention to easily create what we do want to create.

If you are ready to heal at the deepest level of your core across all dimensions, planes and times, then it is time to take the aligned action and align to your Soul’s purpose and receive courage and insight to make quantum leaps in your life.

What do I need to do before the reading?

Consider an area that you are working on right now that you’d like some clarity and healing on?

Please avoid alcohol or drugs 24 hours before the reading.

Consider what questions you have for the Record Keepers.

How To Prepare for An Akashic Records Consultation

What to expect during the reading?

We will meet on zoom, and I will have my camera off whilst we do the reading, this is so I can fully concentrate without visual distraction.

I will ask you your full birth name and open the session with asking you what you like to ask the Record Keepers and what you’d like to feel at the end of the session?

I will then ask your permission to open your records.

There will be moments of silence during the reading as I communicate with the Record Keepers, so the pace is gentle.

The Record Keepers will share what you need to see at this moment, and provide healing. When we are doing the healing, I will guide you through a release statement, to which if you are willing to let it go you intend yes, and can say “ yes” followed by breathing in grace and love, and saying three times, “ I grace and bless that, I grace and bless that, I grace and bless that.”

At the end of the reading, I will close your records and let you know when I have done that. We can then turn our cameras back on for a brief chat and consideration of what has been shared.

What to expect after the reading?

Have a glass of water to aid digestion and assimilation of the healing. Have some time to allow the energies to integrate.

You will experience the major healing when you sleep. When you heal in the Akashic Records, your personal energy field is making more room to hold light, and it takes time for the body to recalibrate.

If you feel really shaky this just means you’re processing a lot of energies and usually a lot of past life stuff.