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Life outside of work was good and helped me cope with day to day work challenges . At work I had challenges with wanting to move on to different specialism, but to some level being prevented from doing so, as I was only being offered partial personal development in relation to my career. Through discussion with my line manager I wanted to have a mentor to explore what tools I could use to help me progress with my personal development and a possible move from my current position.

I found the sessions really positive and a bit mind blowing . They helped me reflect on my approach to things and techniques used in relation to interviews to keep calm and focused. I came away after every session feeling positive and self believing.

The sessions helped me focus on what I wanted to do and needed to do . I’d recommend Louisa as a coach to anyone who is looking to move forward with their life.

Phil Davies, Practice Manager, East Sussex County Council.

Before I started working with Louisa and joined Your Impassioned Life, I was finding that life was generally difficult, we were facing financial difficulties as my husband was out of work, and I could not see a future. I had low self- esteem and no self- respect.

I saw the 4 month Your Impassioned Life programme post on Facebook and booked a breakthrough call. My low self-worth made me question if I could do the programme, but this doubt disappeared when I spoke to Louisa. There was an instance connection with Louisa. It was an open and safe environment in which I could be honest with my worries. I felt supported and loved by Louisa and the other clients. The shifts in my life were many. Relationships improved, I started to love myself, I began to see money was just an energy like everything else. Initially I struggled at the beginning of the course with the group calls, but I soon began to see the value in sharing with others, and I felt connected with the other people on the course. The greatest benefits from completing the programme have been self-love, improved relationships within my family and the workplace, and I have even lost weight!

As a Coach and Mentor Louisa is amazing. She is very knowledgeable about EAM, she has a lovely energy. She recognises when clients need extra time and support and ensures that the calls are organised in a way to allow this to be given.

Lisa Thomas, Clinical Nurse Specialist in Stoma Care

Before I started working with Louisa, I felt unhappy, disillusioned and sad and I was extremely worried about finding new work opportunities and also someone special to share my life with.  I listened to Louisa’s webinar on 31st December 2017 and liked the sound of EAM and the positivity that exuded from Louisa.  So, I decided that I needed to do something to change the way that I felt.

I loved all the sessions I had and I am very happy that we identified some negative beliefs, patterns and energy around various scenarios.  We worked together and have cleared all of these to enable me to move forward positively.  I now have a daily routine to check in to make sure that “ I am in flow” and I use EAM to guide me when I am unsure about something.

I highly recommend Louisa’s programme to others who feel ‘stuck” in their current situation whether it relates to work issues or issues in your personal life.  Louisa has helped me to change my mindset to become more positive and I am extremely grateful for all the additional information and support that Louisa provided.

Sarah Flindall, Business Consultancy Services.


“I love Louisa’s profound healing work. She’s got an incredible gift of helping women move beyond their blocks and blast into BLISS. We were able to clear out some old stuff I was not aware I was holding onto. After my session with Lou I felt more confident, empowered, grounded and FREEER to be me in all areas of my life. I highly recommend working with Lou if you’re ready to breakthrough what’s holding you back and open yourself to receive more abundance, joy and peace!”

Amanda Moxley  International Speaker Business Coach.


I would recommend coaching sessions to anyone who is experiencing or considering change in their lives, especially at work. Some of the conversations I had with Louisa and the things I learned about myself have stayed with me; they still influence how I approach challenging situations more than a year later and I intend to go on using the insights they inspired in my work and personal life.”

Ceris, Local Government Manager, Sussex.

I would definitely recommend a series of sessions.  I think if you’re looking to advance in business and feel stuck, or are having personal issues which you are unable to resolve on your own, then these sessions will undoubtedly help lead you towards a resolution. You have to be open to knowing the answers come from within, with Louisa helping you to find them.  This process is an  investment in yourself and therein lies the true value, no matter the cost.

Wendy Lewis, Business Owner, Network Marketing.

I had just started considering career shifting from my corporate job in finance and I was unclear about many aspects of my professional life. I knew that I wanted to explore the world outside traditional corporates. Little did I know that my feeling confused and lost was a reflection of life experiences that had nothing to do with work. I had internal resistance to change, a deep issue with trust (myself and others), and I also felt I couldn’t quite imagine my future.

As you said it once Louisa, this was Law of Attraction force at its best! We met through a networking event for small business in my local area. That was my first ever networking event as a freelance, so I was a bit stiff and weary. When you came up to me I connected with your positive, calming and emphatic energy straight away.

I will be perfectly open about it, before the first session I felt skeptical. My approach to decision making up to then was all about being rational and logic (this is what I do when I want to feel in control), and I knew this experience was just going to take me to the extreme opposite.

The first session was quite something. I felt vulnerable and exposed, basically naked to my core. I had to face up emotions and memories that I had tried to remove for a long time. I started swaying, crying, laughing, the whole lot came out. The common thread during this whirlpool of emotions was me feeling safe and not being judged at all. There was no need to explain or justify, no right or wrong there, I just focused on describing how I felt. When the feeling was negative we got rid of it, that’s it. It was SOOO liberating, I mean, what is not to like about that!!

I have come a long way since I joined you. From that very first session where I felt vulnerable, I have now gained incredible insight in my deep beliefs. I can recognise when things are starting to have an effect on me. I am able to overcome “uncomfortable sensations” rather than run away from them. Fear and rejection have been replaced with acceptance and kindness.

I recommend you, without hesitation, in fact I would encourage it!

And as a person that enjoys learning through watching and listening, I really enjoyed the video and audio recordings posted on the community group.

Barbara D

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