Ep25: 3 Energetic Shifts to See Your Profitability – Louisa Havers

In this episode, Louisa shares 3 energetic shifts you can take immediately to start to see your profits grow. Listen now to consider how you can implement these shifts now.

Come and join us in the Money Kinesiology Group for 6 and 7 Figure CEOs to receive live training and videos on the regular, and to network and collaborate with other like-minded souls.

Ep24: Infinite Possibilities Made Accessible for All – Interview with Anita Davies

Anita has had sight loss since birth due to a rare condition. Anita has been a Judo World, European and International champion has won many awards, and was nominated as one of Wales' most inspirational women in over 100 years.

Anita has worked in the field of sight loss for 30 years and runs her own holistic mentoring business - called Holistic Vision.

Ep23: Being The Multidimensional CEO – Interview with Kimberly iMfezi Ingonyama

Kimberly is the founder of Wildfire Global, a boutique Kimberly firm for high-impact, conscious leaders and entrepreneurs.

Her clients are courageous leaders with a proven track record of success and who also have a deep longing to experience unfettered power, so they can experience more love, money, power, pleasures, and respect in their lives with ease and grace.

Ep22: Tapping Into Your Empathic Intuition to Nurture Your Prospects – Interview with Tamika Auwai

Tamika is the CEO of Orisha Creative, an inventive nurture marketing agency that serves leaders in the online coaching industry.

Tamika resides on territory originally stewarded by the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nations—presently known as Ontario, Canada—with her husband and children.

Ep21: Self Love is the Key to Creating an Abundant Life – Interview with Dr Mously Le Blanc

Dr. Mously Le Blanc, is a highly awarded and sought-after medical doctor, holistic intuitive healer, and coach. She is an author, podcaster and motivational speaker that has been featured in the media including CBS, FOX and SHIFT Network.

In her experience as a doctor treating cancer and chronic pain patients, she has witnessed directly how emotional trauma and burnout result in physical manifestation of pain and illness.

Ep20: Wealth Creation in the New Paradigm – Interview with Jennifer Pereira

Founder, Managing Partner & Investor at Celestial Group, Jennifer sits at  the helm of a modern private equity firm driven by community and innovation.

Celestial finds, vets, and acquires profitable cash-flowing businesses alongside their community of women. In their inner circles, they build affluence & influence to strengthen today and leave legacy for tomorrow.

Ep19: Accessing Your Intuition – Interview with Jami Hearn

Jami Hearn is an Intuitive Oracle and Spiritual Teacher, who is passionate about working with high-achieving, spiritual women, to curate the life of their dreams.

Through her coaching, readings and retreats, Jami empowers women to release self-judgment, tap into true clarity of path and purpose and reconnect to sacred wisdom, so they can consciously create the life they are truly worthy of.

Ep18: Who Successful Women Hang Out With – Interview with Cordelia Henry

In this episode Cordelia shares the importance of community and surrounding yourself with likeminded women, and so much more!

Cordelia has so much wisdom to share on the importance of building authentic relationships in business. Listen in as your network is truly your networth for your soul and abundance.

Ep17: Uplevel Now – Interview with Ursula Mentjes

Ursula Mentjes is an award-winning entrepreneur, sales expert, motivational speaker and author of five bestselling books. Her sixth book, UpLevel NOW, was just released and became a #1 best seller on Amazon and a USA Today Bestseller!

In this episode Ursula shares how to immediately transform a limiting belief so that you can uplevel now, and her secrets around goal setting that help her clients 2x and 10x their revenue, and so much more!

Expert Directory – Sylvie Barr

Sylvie barr helps small business owners create and manage their authentic brand, so that they can easily attract their ideal clients, and spend most of their time doing what they love.

She helps people grow strong and healthy roots for their brand, so that their products/services stand out in the marketplace in a truthful, genuinely unique and sustainable way.