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Ep28: Success without the Burnout – Interview with Dr. Yvette Ankrah

Meet Dr. Yvette Ankrah MBE, a transformational coach, consultant, and trainer. She primarily works with high-achieving women to get success without burnout.

Yvette is passionate about ensuring people have the optimum environment, tools, and skills to thrive. She believes that this starts from the inside and works in a way that builds sustainable and profitable businesses/careers without overwhelm, stress, and burnout.

Ep26: How To Simplify Your Focus So You Can Multiply Your Impact – Interview with Joy Bufalini

Meet Joy Bufalini, creator of the Simplify to Multiply® Method, helping women scale their businesses by simplifying their focus.

She’s known for her warm but no-fluff approach to helping women do their soul work in the world. Even while raising her daughter with multiple disabilities, Joy has built a robust 7 figure business by keeping a simple and scalable focus.