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Life Between Life Review in The Akashic Records

 Enjoy lifetime access to this guided Life Between Life Review in your Akashic Records, where you will be guided through a life between life review for this life you are living now… so you don’t have to wait until moments after you’ve passed to receive your souls’ perspective of all your experiences within the frequency of love and truth.

And as a part of the timeless review, you also fully see which soul assignments and heart's desires you didn't complete. You’ll see your soul desires that you put off, any hopes that perhaps got buried in fear, and any priorities you wish you had taken, and where you felt complete and embodied in lessons.

And then you get to bring this perspective and clarity back with you into this moment, so that you’ll know exactly where to focus your attention, and the frequencies you are here to channel, and so much more.

All for your highest timeline and soul's fulfilment in this lifetime. 

Time sensitive offer for 48 hours - this is yours for $97 ( Retail $297)
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If you need any assistance at any point, reach out to us on clientcare@louisahavers.com

Louisa x