Are You Becoming A Boiled Frog?

Do you know what they say about boiling a frog?

If you leave it in the water and slowly bring it to a boil, it won’t jump out because the water temperature-change is so incremental it doesn’t even notice.

People are similar to frogs.

Sometimes we’re so acculturated to struggle that we think everything’s fine…. we stay in toxic-as-hell relationships, we settle for careers we hate, we resign ourselves to a limited lifestyle.

We’ll even argue for our limitation.

Why should I want more? But, I’m OK this way!

And we’re really good at ignoring our inconvenient health-symptoms. There are so many ways to distract ourselves from pain.

We LOVE to put uncomfortable action-taking off until another day….

So ask yourself, what are you tolerating right now?

In your relationships?

In your career?

In your financial health?

In your physical health?

What are you delaying taking action on because it feels really uncomfortable to think about doing?

What are those tasks that keep on slipping off your to do list…. those conversations you know you need to have… or that passion project that would mean everything to you…?

You know the ones I’m talking about…!

The ones that come attached to all kinds of convenient excuses. The ones you blame the kids’ existence for! Or the economy… Or your industry… Or your partner!

And what would it take for you to really stop and take a serious look at those undone tasks… a more serious health condition? Being laid off? Losing a family member?

Life will throw us all kinds of curveballs to help us shift our perspective.

Like my client Renee who came to me when she lost her job and knew she needed to shift to a more positive outlook on life to get through the stress of her situation.

She knew that she could struggle through it alone, or she could create the opportunity to feel really supported, to be in a community with people who were going through the same kinds of fears, worries and pressures.

We never have to go through anything alone.

Even in the times of our deepest challenges, we can have fun and be in community. It’s actually the only way to rise above it all!

The cool thing about saying YES to the transformation process, instead of resisting it is, in Renee’s words…

… “you’re only going to come out of it better off than you are now!”

Despite joining our programme with zero idea as to what her purpose in life was, Renee went on to launch her dream career as an animal communicator!

The Your Impassioned Life programme is your invitation to STOP AVOIDING figuring out what you’d really love to be doing with your one and precious life.

We’d love to have you join us

Much love,


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