Are You Allowed To Love Your Job?

You and I might have this in common.

You’re used to slogging through long hours, never-ending workloads, and suffering painfully boring tasks for the hope that one day it will pay off.

Because struggling now, means success later…right? Wrong.

This approach to work is a manifestation of what I call servitude energy, and it used to dictate my life. I noticed as a pattern that, while working in the corporate world, as soon as my job started to feel easy…

Bam! I’d get a promotion.

I was conditioned to believe that if work is constantly difficult… it’s “progress.”

We’re taught that if life feels easy, we aren’t working to our maximum potential. This is a mantra aimed to build a strong economy, but not a healthy state of being.

It took a lot of inner reflection to see this pattern in me and teach myself the difference between work that’s in alignment with my passions, and work that’s just plain tough.

When I discovered the difference, my life changed.

When you learn to say YES to things that flow, things that intrigue you, excite you, inspire you…

…and say no to the kind of work that feels like you’re dragging your feet through the mud…

Making this conscious change in energy will benefit you in all facets of life.

And the good news is…

If you’re used to stopping at nothing to get the results you want, and are good at understanding your strengths, but are also ready to elevate your life…

Work that doesn’t feel like work, will find you.

It amazes me how work I LOVE doing, now just falls in my lap. And saying no to things that don’t serve me is easier than ever before.

You shouldn’t just be working for your business but make your business work for you. Book a breakthrough call with us today, and let’s make it happen!

Much love,


P.S. Work doesn’t have to feel like treading water. Book your free breakthrough call with us, and learn how to let your work flow through you with ease, passion, and love.

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