Are Other People’s Emotions Weighing You Down?

Are you not feeling great, but perhaps you can’t quite put your finger on why?

So many of my clients realise, during our work together, that a lot of the uncomfortable emotions they’re experiencing aren’t actually theirs at all… and I know this can sound strange if you’ve never heard of this concept…

…But we are like sponges to the stresses and tensions of the other people in our lives. 

I remember when I was growing increasingly unsatisfied with my role as a leader of safer community initiatives – which included working on the domestic and sexual abuse board, running community safety services and all manner of roles that saw me in environments with some pretty intense energy. 

I was so up in my head I wasn’t noticing how being in intensely stress-heavy environments was affecting my body. 

I had checked out. Numbed out. But the strain eventually began to show up in my health and, with my new awareness of how much heaviness I was feeling in my work environment, it become increasingly difficult to stay in that role. 

It became so uncomfortable to stay that I had no choice but to leave. 

Perhaps your tolerance is growing thin for your work environment, the culture or certain colleagues who only seem to cause tension in your life, your psyche and your body. 

It’s so important to pay attention to these signals and warning signs. It’s a sign that your awareness and sensitivity is increasing. That the urge to change is growing stronger than the desire to stay. 

When I work with clients I teach them a technique to clear their body from the stress and tension they may have picked up from other people. 

For many people, as it was for me, this is the missing piece in our ability to tune into what our intuition is telling us about which direction is pulling us next. 

Once we get clear on what we’re feeling – it makes it easier to make courageous decisions and change – because we can clearly identify what feels good and what doesn’t. 

What thoughts, ideas or reactions pop into your head as you’re reading this? Perhaps your attention moves to an area of your life – maybe some relationships or environments in particular – that could do with a clean up…!?

Send me an email and let me know what’s springing to mind for you!