An Epic Journey

“Is this it?”

“I’ve lost the essence of me on the hamster wheel of life.”

“I know I am meant for so much more, but I don’t know what it is.”

“I don’t seem to be passionate about anything.”

“If I don’t do it now then when? I don’t want to look back on my life and think I was too scared to reach my full potential.”

I’ve heard these frustrations and feelings so many times  from people on Breakthrough calls.

Discovering our passion and purpose is vital to our joy and well-being. The problem is that many people have lost touch with any sense of their passion and purpose and have no idea how to find it again.

The blueprint for this information lies within our core Self, our essence, the true Self that is often buried during our early years. If our true Self was not seen and validated by our parents, teachers, or other caregivers, it is likely to have gone underground.

The Self many of us know as our “self” is generally our wounded self, our ego, the self we created to get love and avoid pain. Our wounded self has within it all of our fears and false beliefs, and does not have access to what is true for us.

How, then, do we discover our passion and purpose if the blueprint for this information is long buried? The good news is that while it is buried, it is not lost. Anyone can reclaim this information if you are willing to do the inner work of healing your wounded self.

As many of you know, I am an Energy Alignment Method Mentor. This is an award winning Energy Psychology technique. When you clear your energy, thoughts and emotions this transforms your Head, Heart and Hara electromagnetic waves and therefore your experience of life. So that you can be happier, healthier and live the abundant life you dreamed of. I’ve seen people transform in front of my eyes into brighter, more confident versions of themselves.

I think that in our society, people tend to ignore their special talents and choose their careers according to what will give them a sense of security. Too often, however, what makes us feel safe does not light up our souls.

I know I fell into this trap myself, thinking that to be successful I had to have status in business with more and more qualifications.

Well, I got part 1 of  my MBA and then I thought, I can not face writing another essay or doing another assignment. There has to be more to life then this? I was working hard at my day job, fitting in assignments around work and family life, paying the bills, providing food and clothes and trips for my children, and not having the time to LIVE a life.

Have you ever felt like you only have an hour of on Monday evening and Friday evening for your life?

I left the ” shoulds” behind. I chose the alternative. Now I am living my impassioned life with the freedom and peace of mind I craved.

While it may not always be possible to change your work immediately to something you love, if you follow your passion, it will often lead you there.

Sometimes the Universe gives you an opportunity in the shape of redundancy, and you embark on an Epic Journey. This is Leigh’s story.

Your soul has a deep desire for you to express yourself in ways that brings you joy. It is your job to discover what that is and to bring it about.

Take a moment to listen to Leigh’s dance anthem about her Epic Journey with The Energy Alignment Method as it is now time to have yours.

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