Are you aligned with how your business is growing?
Eva and Alicia are Galatic Guides and business partners for Krystalline Ascension, they joined Infinite Prosperity Collective so that they could create their legacy business in a soul-aligned way, as they assist humanity in their ascension journey.
To Eva’s surprise… she was able to let go of an old identity and start to embody her entrepreneurial leadership energy, with more courage and confidence in growing the business.
Alicia was grateful to be able to share their offerings in an energetically aligned way, embrace new skills, and enjoy playing in the field of the unknown.
And now, with the momentum building, they are experiencing divine abundant months, they increased the support for themselves within the business and hired a part-time VA, and are committed to developing their business skills and they will continue to use the resources in Infinite Prosperity Collective to support them on their journey.
They are celebrating creating a sustainable foundation in their business, with a whole new perception of their offerings, increased confidence and a stronger flow and connection working together since they started.
Celebrating you Eva and Alicia, as you grow your legacy, Krystalline Ascension, creating New Earth filled with love and peace.
Watch their story HERE:
Testimonial for Infinite Prosperity Collective.