Akashic Record Intensive – Level 3 – December 2023

Chat Box from Friday (Part 1)
Transcript from Friday (Part 1)
Chat Box from Friday (Part 2)
Transcript from Friday (Part 2)
Chat Box from Friday (Part 3)
Transcript from Friday (Part 3)
Exercise: Illuminate the Issues in Your Tissues
Chat Box from Saturday (Part 1)
Transcript from Saturday (Part 1)
Chat Box from Saturday (Part 2)
Reality and Non Reality
Opening The Records With Advanced Techniques
Partnerships & List Of Vows etc
Asking For The Book of Co-Creation

Bonus Call

Chat Box from Bonus Call
Transcript from Bonus Call
ARC Level 3 Manual

Bonus – Tools To Support You In Setting Up Your Practice

Overview Page On Website
For Your Clients: How To Prepare A Good Question
Handraiser Post and DM Message