Akashic Record Intensive – Level 2 – November 2023

Chat Box from Friday (Part 1)
Transcript from Friday (Part 1)
Chat Box from Friday (Part 2)
Transcript from Friday (Part 2)
Chat Box from Friday (Part 3)
Chat Box from Saturday (Part 1)
Transcript Saturday (Part 1)
Chat Box from Saturday (Part 2)
Transcript Saturday (Part 2)
Chat Box from Saturday (Part 3)
Transcript Saturday (Part 3)
Chat Box from Saturday (Part 4)
Transcript Saturday (Part 4)

Bonus Q&A Call

Transcript from Bonus Call
ARC Level 2 Manual

Bonus – Tools To Support You In Setting Up Your Practice


Opening the Records for Others
Opening the Records for Others with Advanced Techniques
Example of Presentation of Information on a Website, which you are welcome to use as a model
How to Prepare a Good Question for a Reading

Some things that may be helpful to know in relation to Chakras and Organs…


Bonus EBook: Chakras for You and Your Business
Emotions and Organs