Akashic Record Intensive – Level 1 – October 2023

Chat Box from Friday (Part 1)
Transcript from Friday (Part 1)
Chat Box from Friday (Part 2)
Transcript from Friday (Part 2)
Chat Box from Saturday (Part 1)
Transcript from Saturday (Part 1)
Chat Box from Saturday (Part 2)
Transcript from Saturday (Part 2)
Chat Box from Bonus Call
Transcript from Bonus Call
ARC Level 1 Manual

Bonus – Tools To Support You

Twin Hearts Meditation
Guidelines for opening the Akashic Records
Creating Your Sacred Invocation
Practice Session - Opening the Records & Releasing Fear
The Trinity - Questions to Dive Deeper
Manifesting in the Records
A List of Illusions
Inner Child Guidelines & Processes
Inner Child Questionnaires
Framework for Taking Your Clients on a Future Progression
BONUS: Attunement Activations & Guided Openings