Do you value your value?

Mandy Morris does.

Mandy has a therapy business where she supports her clients with a range of energy modalities.

Mandy was in the 5 – Day Aligned to Wealth Masterclass and just knew she wanted to work with me in The Wealth Portal.

And she discovered how to value herself and to add more value to others so that she could make a bigger difference.

She then jumped into The Akashic Records Certification Programme to offer Akashic Records Readings for her Clients. This was what she realised she had been looking for all her life.

Mandy had spent most of her life feeling disconnected and found a deeper connection spiritually through the Akashic Records.

And now, her growth continues as she is stepping into teaching others to become Akashic Record Consultants. Resulting in more impact and joy within her business.

Watch her story HERE:

Testimonial for Akashic Records Immersion.