Has your identity changed?

Gill Kearney’s has.

I say this all the time…your identity is key to your energy alignment and manifesting, when you fully embody your future self identity you’re able to manifest in quantum leaps! 

Gill was able to support her identity change from employee to business owner using Energy Kinesiology to help her release the thoughts, emotions and beliefs that were creating resistance and holding her back. 

She then jumped into The Akashic Records Certification Programme to offer Akashic Records Readings for her Clients.

And to her surprise… The Akashic Records was like Energy Kinesiology on Speed ( her words!)

She discovered that she was able to shift things more quickly with the Akashic Records, and loved how her intuitive gifts developed, and the love and friendship from the community members. She is now able to offer this additional service to her clients too. 

Watch her story HERE:

Testimonial for Akashic Records Immersion.