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About Louisa 

Hi, I’m Louisa Havers,  mentor and advisor to successful Entrepreneurs like you who are committed to making an impact and having the fulfilment you desire in life and business. 

Over the past 6 years I’ve built a thriving multi 6 figure company, that brings me the fulfilment and sense of  freedom I craved. 

I went from a really promising career in the Public Sector, but with no time to be with my sons, a growing feeling of emptiness, with not enough money at the end of the month and the stress showing up in my body. …to reinventing myself and creating a new reality.  

It was my father’s death that was the first big turning point for me… to really make the decision it was time I put an end to the endless working and missing out on the good things in life (like health, precious time with my sons, my family and friends and having some fun !). 

He left us far too soon, and he didn’t get to live out his dreams of travelling and painting that he was saving for his retirement.

On top of my grief, I started to notice the impact of work stress on my own health when I experienced a bout of Shingles and Chronic Fatigue. (It wasn’t lost on me that the start of my fathers ill health was with Shingles, so I paid attention!).

 I realised I wasn’t willing to pay the cost of my health any longer, and I wanted to do things differently for my own life and for my family.

 It was the final push I needed to face the fear of the unknown and try something drastically different, to leave my job and set up my own company. 

A year or so before I left my job, I had an incredible 10 minute pranic healing experience at an event that I was leading, which awakened me to realise that I felt energy, I felt other people’s emotions, I knew things beyond intuitive hunches. I always had, I just hadn’t got the language for it. Suddenly my sensitivities and intuition made sense and I knew I had to develop it. 

I threw myself into energy healing training to support my experience in coaching and psychology (at that time I had racked up over 10,000 + hours in leadership and change management, and over 2,000 + hours in leadership and performance coaching and mentoring).

I have built our company from nothing, using all of the methods I use for my clients. 
When I partner with you, I bring the perfect mix of energetics and business strategies to help you to live your most fulfilled life.

My psychology background together with my energy psychology coaching and Akashic Records means I’m a trusted expert to work safely with your higher self and consciousness, combined with my 19+ years worth of leadership, business strategy across corporates, public sector agencies, SMEs and online business owners means I have the divine guidance, business experience and transferable skills to help you energetically and strategically bend reality so you have the results you desire.

Our mission and values: 
We help self aware entrepreneurs live at their highest value, so that they can live at their fullest self-expression, live their best life, the life of their dreams.
This makes the world a better place. When people are being their best self and operating from a place of love and abundance, they make better decisions. They are better parents, they're better friends, they're better partners, they're better business owners, and that creates a ripple effect around the globe.
We do this by being the number one place for our community members to go to for reality creation, channelling higher realms of consciousness and making a bigger impact within their businesses. 
We are committed to creating a community rooted in diversity, equity and inclusion, and support the dismantling of white supremacy and patriarchy. We choose to only work with those who share these commitments. 
This is the place to dream bigger and to create that reality.

Our current offers are listed below. 

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The Helix Method

The Akashic Records

Work with me Privately

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