Lion's Gate 8/8
6pm BST 8th August

The Lion's Gate Portal marks an incredible period of accelerated ascension with light codes of ascension, mastery, and evolution pouring towards Earth from Sirius. And this year, it's supercharged…

When we come together as a collective on August 8th at 6pm BST, be prepared for an amplification of frequency. I’m gathering spiritual leaders, self-aware entrepreneurs, and coaches for our Lions Gate 8/8 Akashic Activation.

We will be working in your Akashic Records and...

  • Activate your DNA and spiritual seeds of consciousness, as you release lower densities so you can tap into the light of higher dimensions.  
  • We will clear the illusions and distractions around prosperity, preventing the flow of truth & creativity with ease.
  • In receiving these high-frequency energies, your light body will harmonize with future abundance frequencies outside of time and space, calibrating your prosperity consciousness to be able to expand and hold more. 
  • Heal your super root chakra so you can manifest desires into physical form. (With all the distractions and programming on our “attention” in the collective this is really important!) 

Harness these powerful energies and let your frequency ease the effort in creation.

About Louisa

Louisa Havers is an internationally renowned Business Success Coach and Master Manifesting teacher, Master Akashic Records teacher (Soul Journeys® Method). She enables high achievers and coaches to unlock their superpowers, turbo-charge soul-aligned magnetism, and "lift the ceiling" in both their lives and businesses.

It’s a journey Louisa knows works as she’s personally undertaken it. Years spent leading change in the highly pressurised and stressful social services sector, led to shingles and chronic fatigue, compelling her to break free from the corporate matrix of overwork. It was the first step to creating her own life of freedom and dream business income. Louisa enables clients across the globe to activate quantum leaps to success in their own journey to fulfilment, self-love, and a six / seven-figure income.

Daring to live your life’s purpose is truly possible under Louisa’s loving, powerful and insightful guidance.

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