Find your perspective when you are in the midst of chaos…

Afsheen shared so much wisdom on conscious leadership. Opening up a conversation on diversity and inclusion, sharing experiences that other people may not have had.

What does it mean to be a CEO of your business?

Meet Wonderful, a force to be reckoned with in the entrepreneurial realm. As a dynamic entrepreneur, business growth strategist, mentor, and online business educator, she exudes boundless energy and expertise.

How do you use your discernment in becoming a clear channel?

We had a fun behind the scene chat with a distinguished panel of spiritual leaders and they shared their profound insights!

How is “Self Sabotage” helping you?

Kamini Wood, a certified life coach, helps high-achievers heal their relationships with themselves. She helps people take courageous steps in identifying limiting beliefs, reasons for stagnation, and overcoming self-doubt in order to live a full professional and personal life.