Julia Fry is a Self Compassion Coach, helping people to create more ease and flow in their life. Julia helps people to understand how they sabotage themselves and why they do this so that they can have more happiness within.

In this episode, Julia talks about our inner saboteurs and what they really want, and how to work with them.

Marina J is an Integrative Life Coach, coaching in shadow work for 17 years; transforming painful dynamics in people’s lives so they become the powerful, outrageous light leaders they were born to be!

In this episode, Marina shares what she is seeing currently in lightworkers businesses, exactly what the Narc Template is and how this can show up in business and what to do to create ease and flow in a business.

Join Louisa as she shares 4 keys to unlocking your wealth expansion so that you can align to your next income level any time you choose!

Louisa helps leaders, entrepreneurs and coaches lift the ceiling in life and business, so that they can live at their fullest self-expression, with self-trust, freedom, and peace of mind.

Business success is 90% alignment and 10% strategy. How do you master your energy for your business growth and make an impact in the world?

Join Louisa as she reveals how your business shows up in your body and how you can use The Five Elements Framework to identify where to release the emotional stickiness for energy alignment for business growth.