Christ Consciousness Activation
  In This 12/12 Cosmic Portal 

You are being invited to step forward and activate and calibrate to Christ Consciousness so that you:

  • Rediscover your truth and connection with your innermost spiritual being so that you have a full remembrance of your true self. 
  • Heal any attachment to stress and uncertainty enmeshed with the archetypal energy of victim and slave consciousness and transgenerational patterns passed down through your bloodline. So that you bring balance and harmony across your body. And reconnect to your soul's power and sovereignty. 
  • Activate your Higher Heart Chakra and access your past and future in your Akashic Records with clarity. Calibrating to love, joy, peace, calmness, spiritual bliss, and oneness. 
  • Become a true alchemist. As your Higher Heart Chakra is activated you can transform energy, you can ignite and change the emotional energy of people, places and situations. People will respond to your energetic signal and you can have a deep connection with everyone. 
  • Magnify the energy of your life purpose, allow your Higher Self to guide you, as you continue to feel the benefit of this activation in the following days. So that your business makes the impact and difference that your soul desires. 

Are you ready to step into this magical vortex and become a true alchemist?  

About Louisa

Louisa Havers is an internationally renowned Business Success Coach and Master Manifesting teacher, Master Akashic Records teacher (Soul Journeys® Method). She enables high achievers and coaches to unlock their superpowers, turbo-charge soul-aligned magnetism, and "lift the ceiling" in both their lives and businesses.

It’s a journey Louisa knows works as she’s personally undertaken it. Years spent leading change in the highly pressurised and stressful social services sector, led to shingles and chronic fatigue, compelling her to break free from the corporate matrix of overwork. It was the first step to creating her own life of freedom and dream business income. Louisa enables clients across the globe to activate quantum leaps to success in their own journey to fulfilment, self-love, and a six / seven-figure income. Daring to live your life’s purpose is truly possible under Louisa’s loving, powerful and insightful guidance. 

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