1/1 2023 Activation
The Solstice symbolizes the return of the light.

It is the perfect time to get crystal clear on how you want things to be, not only for ourselves, but for humanity, and our planet.
It is time to consider who you need to become to create this new reality, and to reconnect with your purpose, your vision and your mission.

In this downloadable mp3 audio transmission, you will be guided on a journey into your Akashic Records. Where you will receive healings and clearings to recreate the past, present and future by releasing past-life interferences, implants, ancestral karmic bonds and contracts preventing you from living your fullest self-expression and fulfilling your soul's purpose and your business's next level of purpose.

The audio transmission will activate and align you to your souls' vision of self for your next year, activating the akashic ascension codes so that your bioenergy units, your frequency, support your mission.

Resulting in magical energy shifts and collapsing timelines for your quantum leaping so that you have your best year ever.

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