Welcome, my name is Louisa Havers

I am a Transformational Life & Business Coach

Law of Attraction Coach & Energy Alignment Mentor and Pranic Healer

“I would recommend coaching sessions to anyone who is experiencing or considering change in their lives, especially at work. Some of the conversations I had with Louisa and the things I learned about myself have stayed with me; they still influence how I approach challenging situations more than a year later and I intend to go on using the insights they inspired in my work and personal life.”

CerisLocal Government Manager, UK

Before I worked with Louisa I’d been struggling for a few months with sciatic problems and digestive issues and I instinctively felt there was a connection with my brother dying two years before. So I decided to invest in myself and see Louisa. Louisa coached me through this using the Energy Alignment Method. My experience of the sessions included a lot of wow moments especially when at one point my sciatic pain completely vanished. I kept moving and trying to find it again because I couldn’t quite believe what had happened! I’ve used some of the techniques subsequently and found them easy, very useful and beneficial. I would definitely recommend Louisa to others, she is very passionate about what she does and so lovely too. At one point I burst into tears and she just kept calm and allowed me to work through it and by the end of that session I was laughing!

Becky NevinSalon Owner

I was having relationship issues and I needed to check in with myself and see what was important to me and to create a plan for the future. I found the programme really helpful, it taught me how to deal with the past and to be less nervous of the future. I now have confidence in my decision making. 

Sally Oakman

I found the sessions really positive and a bit mind blowing . They helped me reflect on my approach to things and techniques used in relation to interviews to keep calm and focused. I came away after every session feeling positive and self believing.  The sessions helped me focus on what I wanted to do and needed to do . I’d recommend Louisa as a coach to anyone who is looking to move forward with their life.

PhilPractice Manager, Sussex, UK.

I found coaching with Louisa really helpful.  It gave me the time and space to reflect and devise pathways to next steps.  Previously I haven’t thought out and planned next steps in any structured way, and have generally leapt from one opportunity to the next without really considering where that would take me and also if it was somewhere I wanted to go or not!  I also have never looked at or thought to really look at my career in terms of aligning it to my values and beliefs.

JoEvents Manager, UK

I now have the desire to drive me to step outside my comfort zone and I can build upon my reserves of strength as I take each step however small or large!  I can work with the universal laws, as I know the Universe is ready to provide me everything I need and more as long as I am prepared i.e. by getting my energy aligned and clearing any resistance as they arise and by trusting my intuition.

Linda LamArtist & Fashion Designer, UK.

Thank you so much for the session you gave me today I think it will help me to act out of my own energy and be more aware of the energies I absorb and carry which are not my own. Also to raise my positive vibration .

Maura Framrose

As seen